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Principal’s Message2

To know and to grow with my students has been my pride and privilege over the past forty-five years.

It has been an exploration of sorts. We have come together each morning to meet the challenges of the day and to evolve together. To journey together, to discover the novelty of learning, to navigate through the unexpected and unforeseen and ultimately to reach our destination.

That has been the spirit of our journey each day. That is the essence of the excitement you sense around our school daily. That is our story.

I believe each student has a role for tomorrow. Each student has so much to offer. In terms of ability. In terms of talent. In terms of opportunity. They are the new face of Bangladesh. With feet that transcend borders, we hope to prepare them to be equally at home with the east and the west.

Every year at graduation, I see exciting new trails that are yet to be taken.  There is joy and excitement in the air. Hope and promise. I know our graduates will not disappoint, not a single one of them. I know they are strong and unstoppable.  With their talent and potential, they will forge ahead. This too, I know for sure.

Niloufer Manzur