Principal’s Message 1

In an era of ever-increasing social, technological and cultural change schools will continue to transform themselves. For our students, their world will be one that is full of promise. Choice and possibility will exist on a scale unprecedented in human history.

Globalisation will continue apace and, increasingly, more will be expected of our young people. Because many of them will be working in jobs yet exist, it will be deep level thinking, creativity and imagination that become fundamental skills. Added to that, their ability to make judgements and to use knowledge in new situations will position them for a workplace increasingly focussed on making the most of information rather than just knowing facts.

It is in this context that Sunbeams School’s strong moral purpose, a conviction that every child can succeed, underpins all that we strive to achieve.

Sunbeams is a school with well qualified, dedicated teachers who empower their students and support them to be the best they can be. As educators, our shared purpose is to motivate and inspire, to communicate our vision, to champion and promote change in our classrooms and to plan for the future.

We want our students to understand their ability is not fixed but will develop over time when they receive good teaching and when they respond to feedback.

Sunbeams was founded in 1978 by visionaries with a burning desire to provide a great education for the young people of the country. We are enormously proud of our heritage and look forward to welcoming you to our community and sharing our achievements with you.

Niloufer Manzur

Principal’s Message2

To know and to grow with my students has been my pride and privilege over the past forty-five years.

It has been an exploration of sorts. We have come together each morning to meet the challenges of the day and to evolve together. To journey together, to discover the novelty of learning, to navigate through the unexpected and unforeseen and ultimately to reach our destination.

That has been the spirit of our journey each day. That is the essence of the excitement you sense around our school daily. That is our story.

I believe each student has a role for tomorrow. Each student has so much to offer. In terms of ability. In terms of talent. In terms of opportunity. They are the new face of Bangladesh. With feet that transcend borders, we hope to prepare them to be equally at home with the east and the west.

Every year at graduation, I see exciting new trails that are yet to be taken.  There is joy and excitement in the air. Hope and promise. I know our graduates will not disappoint, not a single one of them. I know they are strong and unstoppable.  With their talent and potential, they will forge ahead. This too, I know for sure.

Niloufer Manzur