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All Sunbeams students go onto higher education. Majority of students go to colleges and universities to USA. While some opt for higher studies in Bangladesh, Canada, UK and Australia. Some of the universities are listed below:

In Bangladesh: 
BRAC University, BUET, Dhaka University, East West University,
Independent University and North South University.

In Canada:
McGill, Ryerson, Trent, University of Toronto, Waterloo and York.                                                

In UK: 
Bristol, Cambridge, Manchester, Nottingham and Oxford.                                                   

Amherst, BARD, Boston University, Brandeis, Brown, Bryn Mawr, Carleton, Colby, Colgate, Emory, Franklin and Marshall, Harvard, Loyola University Chicago, Macalester, MIT, Mt Holyoke, Princeton, SMith, St Olaf, Stanford, Swarthmore, University of Maryland, University of Michigan, University of South Florida, University of Pennysylvania, Wellesley and Williams.

Admission Process

Admission Process

Students are enrolled in Playgroup at the age of 3+ years. Due to a strict restriction of class size, there are no annual admissions for the other classes. Some years there may be limited seats available if enrolled students transfer to other schools but this differs from year to year.

There are NO formal application forms for admission into Sunbeams Playgroup. All parents are invited to send in a letter expressing their interest for admission of their child, Birth Certificate of child, resumes of both parents, two references and a family photo. Out of this, 100 applicants are selected via lottery basis. The Admission Committee makes the final decision for Playgroup Class after interviewing the 100 applicants. External requests for special consideration is strongly discouraged and will result in automatic disqualification.


Sunbeams has two campuses in Dhaka. The Junior Section from Playgroup to Class IV is located at Road 27, Dhanmondi. The Senior Section from Class V to Class XII is located at Road 13A, Uttara. There are provisions at Uttara campus for a limited number of students from Playgroup to Class IV which are reserved for younger siblings and Uttara residents.